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Access your inner confidence, transform your life.

Are you ready to unlock your true potential and embark on a transformative journey of empowerment? Imagine gaining unwavering confidence, clarity, and the essential tools to manifest your dreams into reality. With personalized life coaching, you’ll discover a newfound relationship with yourself as we navigate your path to success, step by step.


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About ME

Believe. Achieve. Thrive.

As a former professional athlete and certified life coach, I understand the challenges of having big dreams and lacking the self-belief to go after them, especially when faced with adversity.

Having navigated my own path of self-discovery and reinvention, I’ve developed a deep passion for empowering individuals to overcome obstacles, believe in their own capabilities, and achieve the results they desire. 

With personalized 1:1 coaching, I am dedicated to helping you unlock your true potential and create a life filled with confidence, fulfillment, and success. 

If you’re ready to access your truth, gain clarity, and create a life of alignment and personal power, you’re in the right place. You have one life – make it yours!

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Embrace Your True Potential

Uncover what’s holding you back and see yourself in a new light with the power of coaching. Together, we’ll overcome challenges, tap into your inner strength, and achieve your envisioned life. Experience the empowering support, guidance, and tools you need for lasting change.


What Clients are Saying

 Initially seeking help with procrastination, I not only built trust with myself, but also unlocked a whole new level of self-awareness. With Nina’s guidance, I’ve experienced tremendous personal growth, shedding the need for people-pleasing and embracing boundaries. Her approach, including the occasional push and calling out ‘bullshit,’ was refreshing. I’ve proudly shared my coaching journey with friends, who envied the transformative experience. thanks to Nina’s unwavering commitment and compassion.

Leah B.

I have learned so much from Nina. She has offered tremendous insight into my business and helped me stay motivated and focused on my goals. I noticed a distinct shift in my productivity level from when she started coaching me, and have since accomplished so much more than I expected. She has helped me recognize limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck, and shown me how to get out of my own way. It has been such a great investment for me to work with her, and I highly recommend her one-on-coaching program.

Molly Z.

Nina’s coaching came at a crucial time during my life crisis, when anxiety and self-doubt overwhelmed me. Through our sessions, I learned to process and embrace my emotions, gaining a new perspective on controlling others’ feelings and the concept of unconditional love. Each conversation pushed me to reflect and consider new perspectives. I’ve experienced tremendous growth and feel equipped to navigate my future with confidence. Thank you, Nina, for your honesty, guidance, and transformative coaching experience!

Brenna S.

Uncover & Transform

Discover your unique place in this world and seize the opportunity to create a fulfilling life. Schedule a free call now to explore if we’re the perfect fit, and allow me to support you on this transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.